Technology Innovation

Backed by Shenyang Chemical Research Institute, the National Engineering Research Center for Dyestuffs (the “Dyestuff Center”) was approved in 1992 By NDRC and completed in 1996 . The Dyestuff Center aims to strengthen the technological R&D of dyestuffs and enhance the ability of dyestuff research and innovative development; carry out engineering studies on generic dyestuff technology and speed up the industrialization of the dyestuff research results, in order to provide dyestuff enterprises with proven and high-level scientific research results and opportunities for improving economic efficiency, keeping pace with international standards and competing at domestic and international markets.

The Dyestuff Center carries out researches on new product varieties, new process, new equipment, new technology and the waste treatment technology in relation to dyestuffs, pigments and intermediates, engineering development, as well as commercialization of the scientific research results. Among the dyestuff products developed in over a decade, more than 80 items including reactive dye, disperse dye, fluorescent brightener and organic pigment have dominated the domestic market. The successful commercialization of these research results has made a significant contribution to the technological progress and restructuring of the dyestuff industry in China.

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